Google’s Dominant-Logic Problem

Jen van der MeerBusiness Model Practice

Dominant Logic Monster

Google has announced that it will become Alphabet, a conglomerate—that old-fangled complex corporate structure popular in the 1970s.

Could the conglomerate structure, as Google is defining Alphabet, represent the boldest and most innovative move yet within the entire class of super-tech companies?

Google is not the first company to confront the dominant-logic problem, which can cause successful companies to self-destruct, but it is doing so in a way that both challenges and appeals to Wall Street.

Does Your Business Model Support a 32-Hour Workweek?

Jen van der MeerBusiness Model Practice

32 Hour Work Week

“Every moment I have with my kids I realize is something I can’t buy back. No matter how much money I make or how powerful I get, I can’t buy time.” – Ryan Carson, Founder and CEO, Treehouse

My enlightened yoga practicing mediating self has my thumbs way up. Think about the positive consequences – the children and friends of these people will be more connected. Their hearts and nervous systems and overall health will benefit from being disconnected from work for three full days per week. How enlightened.