Business Models are in the Eye of the Beholder

Jen van der MeerBusiness Model Practice


What can we read into the counter trends in subscription models? In the nearest future, will can extrapolate and see everything we used to own being delivered, via drones, our door, while we consume all of the media we want for “free” in exchange for native advertising?

In the West Village, where I live, recycling night is a chance to learn about the latest trends in consumption. Each week there are less magazine and newspaper piles, but more subscription economy boxes.

The Promise and Perils of Pattern Matching

Jen van der MeerBusiness Model Practice


The Promises and Perils of the Hollywood-Style Elevator Pitch

Hollywood wheeler-dealers are famous for pitching new movies to studios with a formula that combines two successful old movies. Robert Altman’s 1992 comedy The Player fictionalized pitchmen who proposed such fantastic ideas as “Out of Africa meets Pretty Woman” and “Ghost meets The Manchurian Candidate.”