How Does Amazon Make Money? A Look at FY 2018

Jen van der MeerBusiness Model Practice, Tech Titans

Sign up for the Tech Titans Series Hi I’m Jen van der Meer. And forgive me. I’m a bit obsessed with Amazon. Amazon just reported 2018 financials. They crushed it. As you know, Amazon is a juggernaut. We often lump Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet together with even Facebook or Netflix. But nothing is like Amazon. Amazon is complexity. And the … Read More

Nobody Wants 2019 Vision

Jen van der MeerBusiness Model Practice

<h3>Share this Post</h3>No More Predictions Please: What’s Your Range of Possibility for 2019 It’s time for new year’s predictions. But 2019 is too difficult a year to try to envision in comparison to the year that comes next. 2020 was the even year in our sights for the last 20 years. 2020 represented a horizon line in the future. 20/20 … Read More