Manufacturing-a-as-Service and the launch of Resilience, the Company

Jen van der MeerBusiness Model Practice, Hardware

#xaas EVERYTHING-as-a-Service   The vaccines might be here, but how will we scale manufacturing?  One of the earliest canaries in the Twitter mine back in January was Bob Nelson, one of the most successful biotech investors and managing partner of Arch Venture Partners. From his perch, he was able to extrapolate the exponential growth of COVID19 and understand what was about … Read More

Tech Giants Report 3Q2020

Jen van der MeerTech Titans

Who has time to follow the financial news of the Tech Giants? I do! It’s a hobby of mine. And they’ve made it so easy- all 4 of the GAFA brigade reported their earnings just a few hours ago. Despite congressional inquiries, antitrust lawsuits, and fears that these companies are destroying democracy we can’t seem to turn away from Facebook, … Read More