Tech Titans for Busy 3Q2022 Alphabet Amazon Apple Meta Microsoft

Jen van der MeerTech Titans

Tech Titans CAPEX Edition The big shocker: Meta’s guidance to continue to spend more than any company in the history of companies on an uncertain future in the form of CAPEX. CAPEX edition. What is Capex? Capital Expenditures are for investments meant to be used for an extended time greater than one year. Meta seems to think it should spend … Read More

Moving Beyond ESG

Jen van der MeerContribution Value

Moving Beyond ESGs Naming the Dominant Logic and Making Sense of the Real Governance Metrics Welcome to a set of unfolding presumptions about how we transition to a survivable social, environmental, and political climate. This is a second in a series of explorations about how we might think about investments that connect across public and private sectors and the spaces … Read More