Business Model Journey Workshops

Welcome to the innovation workshop for organizations seeking a path to real, tested revenue and profitability.



Explore new sources of revenue, in new combinations with your existing business.

Learn about emerging models and how they are geared for different outcomes: growth, revenue, and profitability.

Walk away with a business model validation plan to test your best estimates for future profit potential.


  • Discover emerging models
  • Learn about growth vs. profit
  • Walk away with an action plan

Who this is for

You are charged with finding new revenue streams, new sources of profit. Next year. Not in the distant future.

You’ve tried creative thinking offsites and other methods for organizing your team, but struggle to find a path forward.

You want to be expansive in your thinking about revenue potential, but have a hard time finding the time and money to invest in the future.



Walk away with a business model assessment and validation plan to test your best estimates for future potential.


  • Business Model Archetypes
  • Business Model Growth Map
  • Business Model Options
  • Validation Plan
“In one day we were able to organize a hundred concepts into clearly defined, high value business model options.”
– Health Tech CEO

Emerging Models

Based on the premise that 90% of all business model innovations recombine existing ideas and concepts from other industries, we take you through a focused and rapid-paced journey through inspirational emerging models. 


Workshop Formats

We customize the size, scope and prework for the Business Model Journey based on your organization’s needs.

Business Model Growth Workshop

Half day workshop available to startup cohorts, incubators, corporate accelerators.

  • Learn about Business Model Archetypes
  • Generate a Business Model Growth Map
  • Develop a Validation Plan

Customized Workshop

Ask us to design a custom workshop for your needs, respecting NDAs and designed for your organization.

  • Learn about new models
  • Review of industry-specific archetypes
  • Understand the innovation blocks in your organization
  • Industry dominant logic map
  • Business Model Growth Map
  • Growth validation plan
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