Tech Giants Acquisitions

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Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet Acquisitions! Each tech giant moves with different strategies as they scoop up rivals, talent, and make big moves.

Key takeaways:

Apple looks for value and high signal steps

Google and Facebook scoop up many tiny companies for talent and also to prevent rivals

Google and Facebook have slowed their acquisitions in 2019 with looming threats

Amazon continues apace to fuel their take over everything strategy:

  • Canvas Technology for robotics
  • Bebo social communicating for Twitch
  • Eero to add to their product suite
  • Sizmek ad tech for their growing advertising business
  • Other cloud companies to support AWS (Cloud Endure, TSO Logic, E8 storage)

What’s curious to note is that the new government pressure from both sides of the aisle may have slowed down Alphabet and Facebook, but not Amazon.

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