Tech Giants Report: Alphabet 2019

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Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet and Apple all report this week and next 2019 year end. Each tech giant moves with different strategies as they scoop up rivals, talent, and make big moves. Next at bat: Alphabet !

Alphabet 2019 Last Year Results Key takeaways:

Alphabet / Google Results. Tech Giant Earnings for Very Busy People.

Google made a major disclosure to investors: breaking out YouTube revenues for the first time in history, increasing as a share of total ad revenues over the last 3 years now at 15 Billion. But Google / Alphabet failed to disclose costs, and Ruth Porat the CFO, indicated that the majority of revenue goes to the creators. Which is great for the creators, but this does not indicate how Google will reinvent its emerging property to generate revenue potential.

Cloud services were up, more than double vs. 2 years ago, but still not the strongest in the 3 way race with Amazon and Microsoft. 

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