Tech Giants Report: Facebook 2019

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Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet and Apple all report this week and next 2019 year end. Each tech giant moves with different strategies as they scoop up rivals, talent, and make big moves. Next at bat: Facebook !

Facebook 2019 Last Year Results Key takeaways:

Facebook Results. Tech Giant Earnings for Very Busy People.

Facebook is getting a bad rap. The digital elite is deleting even Instagram. Mark Z is everyone’s favorite punching boy.  But the rest of the world continues to download and use Facebook and advertisers continue to increase their spending. Revenue wildly outpaced growth, and analysts see up-and-to-the right odds for the foreseeable future. 

On the downside, costs are going up more than investors expected as Facebook attempts to reign in the bad actors. Their alternative business models of hardware and payments have never flourished. Advertising is the dominant species business model. 

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