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Tech Titans Bounce Back Up

Tech Titans 1Q2023

The first quarter for the tech titans explains there are some fundamental reasons for the market cap bounce up from the bottom. Each titan was trying to steer their high flying company back down to earth through moves that demonstrate they are all about continuing their titan status, and keeping their eyes on future cash flow. While all of the firms except for Apple conducted massive layoffs, they are not hanging on to an austerity message for long, as they now all shift to investing in their own AI strategy, which we will be watching in future Tech Titans reports. 

This is not investment advice, but we’ve been asked if these companies are safe for employment, given the seemingly senseless way a few of these cuts were executed – particularly the automated Google layoff- taking their focus on automation too far. The answer is not really – not even Apple, who to date has not conducted a single layoff, These tech titans will be making fast and furious moves as they all try to navigate for dominance in the age of large language models and what they might mean for the biggest cash cows driving this industry: 1/ web services delivered by AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, and 2/ Advertising delivered by Meta, Alphabet Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Large Language Models are an opportunity for each titan to enter the ring, and battle another found to see who dominates the next wave of tech.