Tech Titans for Busy 4Q2022 Alphabet Amazon Apple Meta

Jen van der MeerTech Titans

Rollercoaster 4Q2022 Earnings Season

Boom, crash, but in a great and terrible surprising nail-biting gyroscopic earnings season. I develop this report for busy people who have no time to pour through earnings reports but who have found their lives shaped by Amazon, Insta, Apple and Google and who want to know how these companies that have taken over much of our social and civic and commercial space are actually doing through the cold narrative logic of an investor lens.

Welcome Tech Titans for busy people — they are not moving as a pack any more.

The era of this group traveling together up up up and to the right perhaps ended

How are they doing? TL;DR?

Facebook bombed and Stunned. 

Apple crushed it on all of the levels.

Google did pretty well. 

Amazon – well messier than currently reported in the RobinHood twitter enthusiast crowd after the close tonight.