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Business Model Redesign

I need to shift rapidly to a new business model. I know that those that adapt are more likely to survive and thrive.

Now is the best time to change your business model.

Listen, business model innovation is typically hard, because leaders have a hard time understanding the mental models they use to make decisions – the dominant logic.

Dominant logic was what got in your way when you previously evaluated new business model ideas, but then put your ideas on hold while you focused on the core business and continued to grow. 

But today, in 2020, the world is on fire.

Our organizational logic is under the spotlight. All of our previous assumptions for how everything works is being put to the test. Supply chains are disrupted. Financing relationships are challenged. Most importantly, customers are radically shifting what they value. What was true is no longer true.

So now, today, is the very best time to innovate your business model. We are now able to see what was previously hidden, even to our own minds. That means that you’ll be able to frame the challenge in a better way, whether it’s It’s time to pivot an existing model, launch or combine into a new differentiated model, or accelerate a new high potential venture.

Once you can think about a problem well, you’ve done most of the work. 

Connect with us to review your options today.

Decode Assumptions

Explore business model types. Waves, flywheels and business models.

Map Options

You may have to reorder how you get there, but there is no better time to align your vision and North Star aim with your team

Value Portfolio

Evaluate your options from multiple perspectives. Map J-Curves to S-Curves.

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