Services: Companies

Business Model Design

Your business model sets the stage for everything. Don’t be like those social media CEOs who delegated the business model to the MBAs. Own and operate your own model. 

-Business model options
-Model combinatorics
-Beyond SaaS strategies
-Breakthrough investor narrative

Price and Value Models

The strongest lever you have once you choose your business model: pricing. Our method is equal parts qualitative and quantitative, engaging with customers to derive your value. 

-Value proposition design
-Data value definition
-Service design and offer validation 
-Unit economics price testing

Finance and Capitalization Strategy

Forecasting and scenario modeling to explore finance options and determine capital needs.  Discover the differences between seed, VC, corporate, venture debt, revenue finance, grants, or other alt capital. 

-Alternative capital exploration
-Scenario planning
-Sensitivity analysis
-Funding and capitalization plan

X-as-a-Service Model Expertise:

We specialize in complex and hybrid business models, particularly in industrial equipment, healthcare, climate tech, circular economy, smart city tech, energy, and data services. 

Hardware as a Service


Recent HaaS models developed for clients:

-Industrial IoT ecosystem 
-Consumer handheld device 
-Handheld clinical monitor for hospital use
-Air purification system with data analytics
-Handheld printer with operational performance data 

Data as a Service


Recent DaaS models developed for clients:

-Urban planning data analytics
-IoT-derived data services
-Analytics for social determinants of health
-Pay-per-use medical imaging 
-Supply chain data analytics 
-Care management data provider

Marketplace 2-sided and 3-sided

Recent Marketplace models developed for clients:

-Circular economy food waste
-Last-mile food delivery 
-Open data cooperative
-Health data exchange
-App store for industrial machines
-Vintage clothing exchange
-Professional services finder

Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider

Recent Managed Service  models developed for clients:

-Energy utility grid resell market
-Cardiology monitoring device delivering health outcomes
-Last-mile food delivery 
-Data-enabled service for machine troubleshooting 
-Agriculture data market