Businesses Survival in a Rapidly Changing World

Reason Street offers consulting, workshops, and courses designed as experiential learning.

In the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion of startup companies which have disrupted major industries in health, energy, transportation, and hospitality. On the horizon are new entrants with their sights set on food, retail, fashion, real estate, until every corner of our economy is taken apart and rebuilt by hungry newcomers.

These upstart disruptors have not relied on classic business models to build their companies, but have iterated to build new business models around ever-changing customer needs.

Your future growth is at risk and your only chance at survival is to adapt to the rapidly changing world.

Reason Street has developed a set of experiential learning programs and a method designed for accelerating innovation outcomes.

Innovation Training Modules

Data Analysis for Creative Thinkers

How do you use data and analysis to build support for your best ideas?

Training Sessions

Business model training, Metrics 101, learn the language of investors

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Design Thinking for Financial Managers

How do you determine the value of a concept before it generates any revenue?

Training Sessions

Innovation Valuation, Business Model Archetypes, and Design Thinking

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Innovation Training

How do you bridge mindsets in a multidisciplinary team-based world?

Training Sessions

Common language for innovation, empathy workshops, leadership in a team-based world

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Critical Thinking and Writing for Data Scientists

How do you translate data science insights to with critical thinking and concise writing?

Training Sessions

Critical thinking methods, outline and structure process, writing exercises, peer review

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Silos are what prevent innovation.

Creators and innovators generate new ideas, uncover new trends and work hard to prototype new futures. But when it comes time to build the business case, creatively minded people often lack the analytical rigor and financial depth to understand how to sell in, and sell up. The rich human-centered insights embedded in a design process are no match for the data-driven requirements of an investment review committee, or a budget planning cycle.

At the same time, analytically-minded financial managers may know how to crunch data, but may struggle to evaluate a bold new idea. When an innovation concept is delivered with slick visuals and fully rendered prototypes without proven outcomes, financial managers get even more uncomfortable. It’s hard to greenlight innovation when you don’t know the answer ahead of time, but how do you know when you have an Airbnb or Tesla in your company?

We have designed training modules to bridge these silos, and increase empathy and understanding required for true innovation. Innovation requires integrative thinking, polymath understanding, and full brained embodied action.

Training Sessions

  • Innovation Valuation for Financial Managers
  • Business Model Archetypes and Discovery
  • Design Thinking for Financial Managers

Do you worry you’ll say no to the next billion dollar growth opportunity? Consider developing your pattern matching skills, associative learning, and abductive reasoning abilities. Also known as design thinking, this human-centered approach requires out-of-the box thinking and opens up you mind to create fertile ground for idea generation and creative problem solving.  The proof? Look no further than your pockets and screens – AirBnB, Casper, Warby Parker, Pinterest, and of course – Apple and Tesla. They all put design at the forefront of what they are building.

While MBA schools have started to embrace design thinking as part of their curriculum, many enter the workforce with overly developed analytical minds, and struggle to generate new ideas, or see patterns of possibility. Our workshops and training modules are created to give analytically-minded professionals the skills of associative learning, and generative idea creation.

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Training Sessions:

  • Common Language for Business Modeling
  • Empathy Workshops for Internal Understanding
  • Leadership Development in a Team-Based World

As trainers and consultants we’ve seen time and time again that when you put a diverse group of professionals together who have different skillsets, perspectives and fields of expertise, but share a common language, sparks fly and ideas surface that otherwise wouldn’t. Mastering both design thinking and analytical rigor helps to bridge the all too pervasive knowledge gap and language disconnect that more often than not exists between departments. It unites everyone to have common ground.

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Training Sessions

  • Business Model Training for Creative Leaders
  • Metrics 101
  • Learning the Language of Investors and the CFO

Creativity is not just something owned by artists, creativity is required across all disciplines. However many creatives have been convinced that numbers, data, math and analysis will hamper their creative thinking. The fact is, however, that when creatives understanding the numbers side of the business, cutting edge ideas turn into feasible products and services. While art and design schools are beginning to evolve from a siloed past, creative professionals with 10+ years of experience lack the innovation tools and techniques that are being taught today. They suffer from the myth of left vs. right brain thinking.

We conduct a set of training modules developed for trained creative professionals to understand and embrace numbers, analysis, and metrics needed to connect and communicate with a data-driven organization. It’s not enough that a product is cool, it has to sell.

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The Method: Reason Street Innovation Catalyst

To explore new business models you need the tools and techniques which enable innovation and growth. Analysis alone won’t get you there. Ideas on colored sticky notes are not enough. As market needs continue to change at an unprecedented rate, you will succeed only if you train your staff in the jiu jitsu-like creative and critical thinking that form the basis of true innovation.

Why bring in outside consultants when the best talent lies within?

We work with our clients to design new business models for growth. Our time-bound high velocity method combines the best of a business school and design school. Based on an elegant combination of lean, analytical thinking and bold visioning along with ideation, prototyping and validation methodologies our business modeling process gives your team the tools that will pave a profitable path to the future. And unlike most innovation consultancies which deliver shiny presentations that serve as roadmaps to new opportunities, we work directly with your team to come up with solutions.

Business Model Catalyst

Our innovation method is optimized for a three-month iterative cycle to discover and validate business model futures for your company.

  • Determine the call to action / urgency
  • Tour business model archetypes
  • Generate business model combinations
  • Clarify the dominant logic
  • Create business model options + growth story
  • Define new business model KPIs
  • Conduct lean sprints to prototype and test models to deliver KPIs
  • Analyze and validate options

Business Model Library

Build your confidence mastering the art of business models. Below are some examples of the latest business model innovation.






Razor Blade






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