KPIs: Boxes to Digital Service Models
November 1, 2017

When industrial-era companies attempt to start a new business, or transform into digital services businesses, adopting new mindsets and measures is often the hardest part. 

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KPIs: Apples vs. Orange is the New Black
October 19, 2017

Ratings, Subscribers, and Netflix vs. the Media Execs. Let’s take the case of media and the metrics of ratings vs. subscribers.

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Transform or Enable? The Business Model Innovation Choice
August 23, 2017

20 years ago, I was a 20-something digital punk strategist. The internet was going to change the WORLD. I would ply my trade telling established Fortune 1000 clients that they had to move swiftly. Radically transform your companies into a digital businesses. Fast. Or risk annihilation.

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The Customer Pain Scale – Looking for Strategy in Your Social Feeds
June 25, 2017

Use this scale to rank pains on a continuum when searching for unsolved problems in a customer’s world. The bigger the pain, the better the starting point. You can then develop your Value Proposition knowing that you’re focused on the highest order customer jobs-to-be-done.

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Police Bodycams Go Freemium
April 27, 2017

Negotiating New Business Models, Ethics, and Culture in an Age of Connected Machines

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The Business Model Growth Map
March 18, 2017

You know you need to clarify where your business model is headed. Whether you are just starting, scaling into growth, or you are the market share leader, you are always looking new ways to generate value.

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Will Your Health Business Model Survive?
January 5, 2017

Stress-testing your business for a new policy agenda

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Moving Beyond the Post Election Confusion in Your Company
December 14, 2016

We were all wrong. We are bad predictors. We are now confused. Here’s an exercise to re-engage your team and build the future you want to see.

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Business Model  Mythbusting in the Circular Economy
November 15, 2016

Circular economy, business model myths, people-centered capitalism, and business model innovation as the strongest tool for survival and resilience.

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Designing for Human Dignity in the New Economy
November 2, 2016

Competing Design Philosophies in the Two-Sided Marketplace of Time

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Do You Suffer from Value Proposition Confusion?
October 19, 2016

A word battle may be increasing your product fail rate. Two views of what makes a strong value proposition cause arguments and confusion in new product development. Know both methods to increase your clarity and success rates.

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The Future of Your Job: Will You be Automated or Augmented?
October 5, 2016

Data Intelligence, Cognitive Bias, and Emerging Tech. You don’t always realize at the moment of a new technology’s introduction that it was designed to take your job

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Data Driven Case Studies
September 22 2016

Looking forward to emceeing Data Case Studies at Strata+Hadoop on Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

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6 Signs the Future Will Not Be Advertised
August 10, 2016

Here are six early signals that show a potential future without advertising and one giant reason we should celebrate.

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Can You Define Your Strategy on One Page?

August 3, 2016

Here’s a roundup of one page strategy tools our opinion of which tools work best.

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Admit it, No One Likes Failure
June 30, 2016

In Silicon Valley, failure is “accepted, even encouraged.” Or is it?

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Design for the Angry Citizen
June 16, 2016

Airbnb and systems of trust.

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Is Your Calendar Hostage to Internal Meetings?
June 2, 2016

You know you want to reduce your risk, find the optimal path for your business, and validate that you’re on the right path. Are you going to let a few internal meetings get in your way?

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Customer Delight is Elusive – Focus on Customer Pain
May 19, 2016

In innovation circles, pain points are what we seek when we introduce a completely novel solution – because it is typically only at that moment of clear and conscious pain that a customer will consider an alternative.

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Are IPOs the Death of Innovation?
May 3, 2016

It would seem that young founders no longer dream of ringing the NASDAQ bell. The initial public offering (IPO) –  the first sale of stock by a company to the general investing public – used to be the goal post for entrepreneurs.

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If Bias is Fast, Slow is the Antidote
April 26, 2016

We like to think we are all reasonable open-minded humans who do not pre-judge other others, but much of bias happens hidden away from our conscious decisions. We all have bias. Our unconscious mind is wrong, often, especially on matters that truly would benefit from thinking rationally.

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Startups vs. Corporates
April 19, 2016

The Blank Slate, Dominant Logic, and the Financialization of Corporate America.

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Why Your HealthTech Market Analysis May Be Wrong
April 4, 2016

And what to do about it. How we look at trying to predict the future, current market dynamics, and competitive threats is wrong if we’re only looking at incumbent competition.

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Unfreezing the Innovation Budget
March 17, 2016

Counter arguments to the three biggest risks faced by CFOs today. Why aren’t companies amping up their innovation investments in 2016?

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If You Have Innovation in Your Job Title
February 10, 2016

Your job is about to get more accountable. Alphabet and Wall Street’s appetite for innovation.

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So You Want to Control Your Own Destiny, Do You?
January 25, 2016

Founder motivations and control for impact entrepreneurs

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3 Questions to Predict Who Will Survive in 2026
January 6, 2016

Innovation and the Non-Linear Growth Competency Gap

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The Fed Rates Rose: Let’s Panic
December 17, 2015

A Federal Reserve Rate Hike primer for which kinds of companies should be in a state of high anxiety (and which should remain calm).

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Can We Change the Rules of the Game?
December 2, 2015

Are the rules always set for a winner-take-all outcome?

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Nonprofit or For Profit or Something In-Between?
November 23, 2015

What kind of company is best for my idea?…

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The Models That We Live By
November 12, 2015

Are the business models we use constraining us from building the future we want?… Read More.

Finding Your Customer Pain Points: How Far Do You Go?
November 4, 2015

One of the first jobs in unlocking a business model is to define a customer segment, and figure out customer “pain points.” You know you’ve struck gold when you uncover a “hair on fire” problem.. Read More.

Should Social Impact Companies be Held to Higher Standards?
October 15, 2015

Should social impact companies be held to a higher standard than good old fashioned profit seeking companies? Read More.

Business Models are in the Eye of the Beholder
September 10, 2015

All hail the subscription economy! Subscriptions are antiquated! How industry dominant logic and investor expectations shape our understanding of business models. Read More.

The Promise and Perils of Pattern Matching
September 2, 2015

How can organizations quickly and effectively gain support for new business ideas? The Hollywood-Style Elevator Pitch. Read More.

Google’s Dominant-Logic Problem
August 19, 2015

Could the conglomerate structure, as Google is defining Alphabet, represent the boldest and most innovative move yet within the entire class of super-tech companies? Learn how Google is attempting to tackle Dominant Logic. Read More.

Does Your Business Model Support a 32-Hour Workweek?
August 12, 2015
Treehouse has shifted the entire company over to a 32-hour work week, starting at the top down…Read More.

Three Business Model Myths Debunked
July 27, 2015
When is the best time to begin thinking about your business model? Answer: Now.
If you are wondering about how your business will generate revenue and profitability to grow, then start if you haven’t already. But first let’s clear up some myths that plague early stage founders and intrapreneurs when they start tinkering with a new idea… Read More.

Don’t Just Sell Your Product
July 26, 2015
5 better business model options for product companies. 
See how hardware and product makers are combining business models from software, coffee makers, and the razorblade industry to redefine how we want, use, and love things. Read More


The Day the Business Model Was Born: A Personal History

July 24, 2015
Lessons learned from a tech analyst when Netscape first had their IPO. Read More