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Rapid Response Business Strategy

I need to shift rapidly to adapt with changing conditions. I know that digital business models are more likely to survive and thrive.

We now realize that adopting digital business models is the only path to survive and potentially thrive in our current global economy. 

You want to keep your ambitions raised and not collapse your motivation. In fact, the strongest companies today were launched during the recover of the early 2000s and post 2008 financial collapse. How do you become one of those companies?

You’re going to have to figure out runway, cashflow, and  a bootstrapped plan, while also planning for when capital will become available again.

How do you keep focused when you have to run all scenarios at once?

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Map Your Options

Develop options for growth: whether you have to bootstrap or plan for your next

Align Your Vision

You may have to reorder how you get there, but there is no better time to align your vision and North Star aim with your team

Focus Your Value Proposition

Revise your value proposition to resonate in these chaotic times. Reconfigure how you deliver value

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