Regionally Resilient Business Models

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Regionally Resilient Business Models

There has never been a better time to adapt your business model

Which business models are thriving and flourishing today? The answer is not just which, but how and where. Post-pandemic business modelers are suddenly aware of how regional their supply and and demand chains have become. In fact, they are not chains but deeply embedded relationships. We started locally, looking at the regionally resilient businesses in our area. 

We’re starting with food and food tech to see which businesses were able to shift demand, or keep up with suddenly increased need for our region’s food supply. 

Each organization has had to deploy an ability to quickly sense, act, and learn

Regionally Resilient Business Models: Food NYC


Sang Lee Farms

Gotham Greens

What model next?

What next? What regionally resilient business model or sector should we profile in this series?