Services For Investors


For Investors

Values and Vision Mapping

Engage in a dialog about shared values to create cohesion and shared trust with the companies you invite into your portfolio.

  • Values definition and alignment
  • Learning loop systems
  • Values-based diligence

Governance Design

Connect organizational design to performance and expectation. 

  • Decision process 
  • Data privacy, ownership and governance 
  • Platform design and ecosystem mapping
  • Community co-design

Capital Combinatorics

From blended finance to values-aligned agreements: devise new capital structures fit to purpose.

  • Alt capital exploration
  • Alt organizational forms considerations 
  • Blended finance design
  • Funding and capitalization strategies

Co-Create Values-Aligned Agreements

2020 was the year we all became suddenly aware of the interconnectedness of our global challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how climate change, health disparities, racial discrimination, housing injustice, population displacement, and other factors all act and interact in complex adaptive systems. How might investment and design principles embed value in impact investing from day one? Read our latest post at the Simple Network:

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