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If You Blink You Might Miss the Tech Titans

We’re still hearing a tale of two Facebooks 

One in the media and Regulatory threats all doom and gloom.

The other and financial performance with – big news – a big of flatness on the financial front.

So look closely at what’s being recommended by the Whistleblower Frances Haugen who briefly worked at Facebook long enough to capture a treasure trove of embarrassing internal documents especially on cringe-worthy statement talking about how the company needs to find ways  leverage playdates” to “drive word of hand/growth among kids.

What she is asking is eerily similar to what Facebook has spent millions lobbying for. 

Both want to keep the company intact 

To afford to invest in safety tams

For the government to create a new agency 

That would hire experts like – Frances.

Indeed. All to avoid a breakup, which would shrink Facebook’s cash position and limit its ability to pivot to the Metaverse. 

Yet we know we can’t trust Faecbook to govern 2D space, and Wall St. essentially knows this too.

Facebook’s growth potential has been clipped. It has less optionality. Forward Price-Earnings ratios show how much momentum investors expect in the upside for Facebook and it’s not much more than the S&P. 

That’s the biggest slam. It means that investors are not buying the metaverse bet. Keep an eye on the moving market cap compared to the other giants for the quickest read on what happens next.