Tech Titans

Tech Titans

Watch Apple, Amazon, Facebook, an Alphabet (Google) as their software tries to eat the world

Amazon smashes all expectations for holiday, AWS, and everything else

Amazon FY 2019

Alphabet finally separates out the revenue from YouTube.

Alphabet FY 2019

Facebook continues to grow, the costs of not destroying democracy mount

Facebook FY 2019

Apple’s Fiscal Year: The Services Pivot slower, but Hardware continue strong 

Apple FY 2019

August 2019: Campaign season brings a call to break ’em up

Acquisitions AAF

May 2019 – Hindsighting the Instagram acquisition through backcasting

Facebook Acquisitions

Facebook FY 2018 Free Business Model Advice for Mark Zuckerberg

Amazon FY 2018 Forgive me I’m a bit obsessed with Amazon

Apple’s Tim Cook is trying to position this giant phone company as a services firm.

Facebook FY 2018

Amazon FY 2018