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Tech Titans for Busy People Q2 Alphabet

If You Blink You Might Miss the Tech Titans First Tech Titan of the week did not disappoint. Alphabet blipped this time last year but blew through expectations in the second quarter. Antitrust on the horizon. Free protein structures. Advertising

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Tech Titans for Busy People Q3 Apple

If You Blink You Might Miss the Tech Titans Second Tech Titan blew through all expectations. Jaw dropping growth, says Tim Cook. Way beyond anyone’s expectations. It’s the biggest Spring quarter in the 45 year history of the company. He

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Tech Titans for Busy People Q1 Amazon

If You Blink You Might Miss the Tech Titans Last Tech Titan of the week did not disappoint. Amazon crushed it and Bezos thinks about employees and the time value of our customer shopping behavior – a true moment of reflection

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Tech Giants Antitrust Remorse

Big News: the FTC along with 48 states has accused Facebook of choking competition and plans to break up Instagram and WhatsApp. This will be very difficult -why? because the FTC has no means to evaluate the future value of

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Tech Giants Report 3Q2020

Who has time to follow the financial news of the Tech Giants? I do! It’s a hobby of mine. And they’ve made it so easy- all 4 of the GAFA brigade reported their earnings just a few hours ago. Despite

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The Prize and Price of Connected Things

This series explores the variety of ways established companies and incumbents adapt digital business models for devices and hardware. “The wearables market is not the real prize,” says a team of economists (Bourreau et all 2020) in a position paper

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Connected Things Business Models: Vivint Home

Smart Home Systems Vivint Smart Home develops smart-home technology as a complete service and system. Founded Founded as APX Alarm Security Solutions in 1999, the company originally sold and installed third-party security systems, but in 2011 rebranded as Vivint Home

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Connected Things Business Models: Fenix International

Solar Home Systems Fenix International Inc. designs and manufactures and distributes solar panels, energy storage, and appliances.  Founded Founded in San Francisco 2009 by Michael Lin and Brian Warchawsky to improve energy and telecommunications access for off-grid consumers.  Funding Fenix

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