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Tech Giants Acquisitions

Sign up for the Tech Titans Series Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet Acquisitions! Each tech giant moves with different strategies as they scoop up rivals, talent, and make big moves. Key takeaways: Apple looks for value and high signal steps

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Stakeholder Discovery Map

Stakeholder Mapping: Design and Discovery Most stakeholder ideas are all about management through power, mitigation, domination, or disruption. The Goliath Stakeholder Manager  Giant companies and investors refer to “stakeholder management” to signal that they are taking care to interact with

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Nobody Wants 2019 Vision

<h3>Share this Post</h3>No More Predictions Please: What’s Your Range of Possibility for 2019 It’s time for new year’s predictions. But 2019 is too difficult a year to try to envision in comparison to the year that comes next. 2020 was

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Sears: Blame the Spreadsheets?

Is the Sears bankruptcy the fault of financiers, looking at the world through spreadsheets?  Don’t blame the spreadsheets. Logic is in the eye of the logician. There is a core belief that is shared among financiers and MBAs: companies have

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HaaS or SaaH? Amazon’s Service-as-a-Hardware Data Totems

A Business Model Upside Down  Amazon just released a number of upgrades and form factors to its Echo line of products. For families that now only listen to music through their Echo, but want a richer sound, you can pre-order

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